Friday, August 17, 2007

Give me more than i can stand

Random post:

Im happy and abit i think this post is gona be utterly random.

So anyways throughout my 22ish years of my exsistence I hav only 3 fav bands. In order to qualify as my fav band.. i must listen to them almost everyday repeatedly for a longg peeriod of time. For example the current fav band is arctic monkeys. They've been accompanying me everyday since early last year...haha without fail.. thus they've been awarded the title of Shy's fav band.Woo hoo
*a round of applause plz* clap clap.

During my sec sch days it was Matchbox twenty..JC days Incubus and now Arctic monkeys. And bloody hell none of them have performed here in Sg.

Ok thats all! Toodles party ppl!

Oh yeah i'll leave y'all with MB20's Bent.....Rob Thomas macam sapa ah... the rambut the nose...n the small mouth =p

I love life! woohoo


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