Monday, June 26, 2006

Harry potters wrld as my own

Ok im rewriting this post so as not to sound "immaturish" sum1 said it sounded.. =p

The patriach brought me around for a round off golf.(hahah tryin to sound like ahem ahem)
Nw..basically my dad brought me to the driving range yest to hit a couple off balls. My arms are still sore frm tht. I must say I have improved alot since the last time..can finally maximise the 8 iron's potential. Haha.

So apart frm golfing, i finally finished Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix. Yeah go on laugh.I dun care I happen to enjoy reading HP. Then i was thinking if i were a character in harry potter i wuld definitely be Cho Chang. Coz shes like in a fragile state coz her bf Cedric just died..
Yeah then my mum wuld be the wise always knowing Albus Dumbledore and my dad would be Minerva McGonagall strict,inflexible but solidly dependable. Yeah and Nadiah would be Luna/Looney Lovegood..hahah..coz shes looney and blunt. The rest of the characters doesnt coincide with anyone else so.. yeah thts all..

So during the holiday i have been reading quite a number of bks. Umm all the bks were lying ard in the house so pardon the variety off it..So Ive been reading the Lord of the Rings trilogy..absolutely fabulous. Then i read the Hobbit. Its really a classic. I read Bleachers by John Grisham. It was ok..not his best wrk tho. I read my bros lit text, Roald Dahl A Selection. I have always loved Roald Dahl his stories are not candy coated. Theres always something dark or mystical abt it. Yeah.. i once read Henry Sugar ovr and ovr again everyday. Haha mad i tell u.
Other then tht i read The unluckiest boy in the wrld by andrew norris. Loved it. Again i must remind u that these bks are lying ard the house so pardon the variety..haha. So nw i went to MPH to buy The Similiron by Tolkein but ended up bying HP and the half bld prince. Yeah so i read my first HP book and got hooked and then bought the Order of the Phoneix.Yeah and i read Ideals and realities of Islam and im absolutely thankful i read it.
Other than that I read the national geographic and the daily papers. My head is full of general knowledge. if u wana know wats happening ard the wrld give me a call. haha.

I guess the nxt book I really wanna read is 1984 by George Orwell. Will go hunt for it soon.

Thts all my ramblings for 2day..


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