Tuesday, September 05, 2006

road to discovery

Its 4 am..i cant sleep.I've not been bloggin coz i didnt have the want or need to and ive been bz with sch n stuff. So yeah a lil update or watever you call it..well sch is gona be hectic with 4 projects going on and recently ive been bz with choosing a company for my attachment.Heard tht the trick is to choose MNC's as they will not exploit u as cheap labour.Hah.I dunno how true is tht.Just hearsay.Yeah..dateline is this wed so im still deliberating on wch company to choose.yup other than tht The Show is nearing.yeay dah dei!

Yeah and im embarking on a new path now. As cliche as this may sound..a rd to self discovery and self pampering.haha.My momma dispenses good advice..just tht i choose not to listen to it. And when the shit hits the fan..i'll regret not listenin.Just a digression.

Oh yah..Mr Political Science.. i still dunno why i ran out after hearing tht coldplay song till 2day.watched it on utube..still dont have an inkling y.

alright i'll end off with one of my fav songs frm my fav band Incubus..called Just a Phase.I love the melody and lyrics.Profound.Dedicated to all my fellow beings and dreadheads on this planet of lurveee.Peace the spork out.


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