Monday, July 24, 2006

The Battle of Mordor

Once upon a time in a far away island of chilli crab and sun a gathering was held.The members in the society decided to gather in a place known for its ethnicity(tho waning),eclecticism and sheesha.The society was at first made up off happy contented people who were happily basking in each others company.But not for long.'Bad Service' made its presence felt.The members of the society tried to ignore and tried a peaceful method but IT was always in their faces,taunting, jeering, teasing looking for a fight. The members of the society could not ignore it any longer.. a fight ensued. It was ugly.10mins they said.10 mins came and left.In the end no happy people were seen, just bitter and hungry members.Some swore never to venture there again.Never again they said.'Bad service' left a bad taste in their mouth.

In order to salvage wats left of the gathering, its wounded members decided to venture into another land filled with jazz and finger food.The Blu Jazz they called it. A magical place.
This change of light and ambience nourished the souls of the members and once again they went back to their old former happy selves.Talking to each other abt their old days of yore peppered with the war tht they have just fought.Battle scars abound.The gathering ended with the air of sweet goodbyes and promises.And they lived happily ever after.

The end.

Yeah and somewhere in the middle a certain member of the society panicked.


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