Wednesday, July 19, 2006

like brushes we paint our hopeful ways

Rise and shine ppl. Ive not been bloggin for these few days coz well im braindead. Dead dead dead.
Anyways..well I finally caught Mr Johnny Depp in POTC. He was amazing as usual. I love how he potrayed his character.Johnny depp is Mr Substance. On the whole POTC 2 was oklah. Just tht I prefer POTC 1 coz of its storyline. Ok as u can see im braindead. Wat kind of stupid review did i just write. Mr substance. Hah.

Wake up Shy.(I miss hearing tht)

Im kinda feeling bummed rite now. Im feeling alot of things. Gosh.Sheesh.Bleargh.Brr.

Anyways yest was a funny day. Kept on laughing, partly coz of my natural tendency to laugh when in certain situations and partly well coz its reallie funny. It was interesting and weird too.
Ironically it felt like im meeting a gd old pal;despite the slow start of my engine.Long lost past eh. Hahha. Nw this Long lost Mr is full of weird self taught analogies. The toothpaste and tootbrush analogy lah and the second hand car analogy. And wat was tht advert in the mrt; the cute lil boy or stg...hahaha..Full of merepekness. Nw thanks for the pizza!

I wanna rewind something back.

ok in andi's word n gayishest tone

bye bye kebabai!



At 3:56 PM, Blogger Andi said...

yeah bacin u cant runaway from my analogy

At 5:32 PM, Blogger shy said...

Yeah and i cant runaway frm ur self taught mly peribahasah-ish thingie too.

Some Andi-ism
"gi relaks kat surau"
"biar kurang ajar jng kurang makan"
or isit the other way round.nws.

like wth.hahah.


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