Monday, July 10, 2006

Mambo italiano

Yeah so the Italians won! Didnt catch the full match tho dozed off a couple of times. Missed the Zidane sent off. Wat a way to end his international career eh.

So lately I've been reading up abt body armour and hypnosis. Body armour coz i was curious to find out the mechanism behind it..since thts my line of future work. And i must say the principle behind how it works is so simple. Its interesting. Do you know tht goats..yeah goats have been genetically engineered to produce the chemical constituents of spider silk, and the resulting material is called Biosteel. Apparently a strand of Biosteel can be up to 20 times stronger than an equivalent strand of steel. Amazing eh.

Hypnosis is really interestg. Apparently when we r hypnotized we are in a hyperattentive state.
We also do practice self hynosis.. when we watch movies, drive or read. What happens is for example when we read we get so engrossed in the plot tht we forget abt our probs, and tune out other stuff and we feel uninhibited and relaxed.And it is during this stage tht when the hypnotist suggest something we would prob take in the idea easily. like for cluck like a chicken.

Ok thts all.

I read ur post Mr Li. Kitaro. HA. HA. so funni(sarcastic).Rolls eyes.


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Yeah u better be! haha. kiddinglah.
No worries.


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