Friday, June 30, 2006


OMG OMG.... i was channel surfing and on mtv there was this indonesian music video..and i freaking look like the girl.I really think so. Its sooooooooooooooooo uncanny.She looks just as weird as me.haaha. I tried looking for it on youtube but they dont have tht song. Omg. My jaw was open throuhout the music vid.Omg.
Omg. The singer is baim and the song is kau yg terakhir. If u can find the vid tell me pls.

On another note.. ive been msning quite abit these past few days. And i manage to keep in touch with my long far far far far far away and near frens. Its really nice talkg 2 them. It brings up old memories. They havent change much. Michael was online just now..and he is still as lecheh as ever. He still talks crap.Want to teach me how to drink frm a pail.WTH?haha.I remember how last time he would say the most weirdest stuff in his french accent to nadz and me.And the time when he heard us sing the no doubt song. So freaking embarassing. We should have brought them ard spore eh nadiah..and hang out at the staff club wif em.

its nice catching up with my old and dear frens.

yeah and i love fungus amongus now.


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