Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Tues Blues

Yest was not a good day. bawled and bawled. Sigh.. I guess there are some ok days and some bad days. Crying just zaps all your energy. By nite time i felt so tired.

Anyways 2day Im feeling much better. Been thinking of getting my hair cut or trimmed.Its so longgg.. longer then i have ever kept it.

I think I wana learn how to sew. Ive always loved fashion and art since I was young. Imagine making ur own clothes..that would be just great. So now the problem is finding sum1 to teach me. The courses outside are sooooo expensive.. Hmm maybe they have a self help bk and then i could borrow my aunts sewing machine.

Ok since i dont know wat else to blog abt..i shall babble in Deutsch

In meinem Gehirn herumtreibend, versuche ich, an die andere Sache zu denken.Dann dieser Gedanke, von dem du weisst, dass ich ihn überdenke:Was wäre, wenn das, was ich denke, über wen ich denke dass ich denke der ich war, nichts weiter war als mein Zerebellum beim Sabbern?

Auf Wiedersehen


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