Friday, June 30, 2006

A wonderful thurs

Yest i met Miss Nadiah after she finished work. It was real nice to see her after a long while. I cant believe shes flying to the land dwn under in almost a wk's time! I sure am gonna miss her loads.
Shes like my long lost sister that I never had. Sigh..

When we met, we talked nonstop like usual..talked abt everything, talked crap.. had heartfelt conversations, gossiped, and like usual both of us actioning.We love to action. It was fun.
So we first went to Zara to check out the sale. Unfortch there was nothing good to buy, the sale prices was not that great and like some clothes u definitely could get it cheaper at This Fashion. So we made our way to this Fashion near PS.

We went there and picked up tons of clothes to try on. Hahaha the basket tht they provided to carry the clothes wasnt enough. Nadiah mentioned abt using the method the aunties at Sheng Siong use when their basket was full; to put it at one corner and then take another basket.hahahhaaha wth. Anyways We tried like ard 15 articles of clothings each.

The lady at the changing room gave us a pissed face. hahha. So after trying out the clothes i ended up buying 2 tops and a pair of corduroy black capris which is absolutely comfy
and was all at a steal. We spent like more than an hour there. Our stomachs were rumbling so we went to the LJS nearby. We ate and talked and talked. She took a video of me saying the word 'ketara'. Whats wrong with saying 'Ketara'?(ketara is obvious in mly)

Whateverr.. after that I made my way home by train. My Gdness.. it was so freaking packed!.It was like as if it was the rush hour but it wasnt. Its like 10plus. Ppl just came bk frm wrk??Anyways i had to push and shove thru and wearing heels doesnt help. I was so afraid of tripping.

At home I couldnt sleep. Somehow I decided to make a mental list of what i enjoy doing... Dont ask me why I suddenly thought abt making such a list. Coz i really do not know why..

thats all for now..

ps: thanx so much nadiah for that book


At 10:51 PM, Blogger NaDz said...

Eh minak siak kau! Hugz n kisses!!!


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