Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Random thoughts

  • Give me some brandon boyd
  • I hope I get the creative design in communication and mktg GE. Tht would be fun
  • I should eat more
  • I want me some brandon boyd
  • I wanna be a rockstar still. Maybe I can convince my cuz to let me sing with the band. The only problem is tht i would be screaming since its a screamo band. Haha.
  • Nah I dont have the balls to do it.
  • I should start excercising
  • Brandon Boyd is yummy
  • I need to find a day to meet Zabo
  • I should have applied for the exchange programme. Nxt sem would be the only possible time to do it. After tht its attachment and my fyp. I could have been in aussie wif miss nadiah or maybe in germany or halfway ard the world sumwhere. I regret.
  • Maybe I can apply for the 2 mth summer programme stint. I hope they have it durin the nov hols. But then again thts like winter time. I should check.
  • I want to take up some classes frm pretty tuff when sch starts. Maybe salsa again. haha.EEe reminds me of tht u noe who.Axn man. Hmm maybe belly dance?exotic dance?
  • Shit. This post reminds me of nadz post. Eh miss i didnt mean to copycat ur format ah. I reallie didnt mean to. but i bet u will rub it in. typical. =p
  • I finally finished the bk u gave. to tell you the truth it was hard to read it at first coz of the title. If he really was what the title said tht wuld break my heart even more. Nws.. yah i think what u said was true. It will make someone more um tegas.But sometimes the probs presented in the book are like duh.Like isnt it obvious (insert title). And i love the way the book is written.very reader friendly. Thanx miss.
  • Ive been reading my Material science text on hip replacement. I dont know why.
  • Ive been hearing things.
  • Ive been reading my bros Men's Health magazine. interestg.
  • I read something that made me laugh hard and also made me angry at the same time.
  • I hated the dream. I loved the dream.
  • Wish i was as fit as my touch rugby + flrball days.
  • Port Dickson
  • I wonder how Frau Geiser celebrated when the Deutsch won.
  • Reading the newspaper is frustrating. Politics is effed up.
  • Kedong dong Aak uk eik nyah ket tot pi la shi tak tek tok auk.
  • Sik dah kah. ngak ngek tok.
  • I dont write like papit. he writes like me. Puhlease.
  • he proposed to me
  • HAHAHAHAHAH. Disclaimer: The line directly above is meant for dear ms nadiah. It has no truth watsoever .Unless 'he' refers to Mr Brandon boyd.


At 12:50 PM, Blogger NaDz said...

Was tht whole post like totally for me? Coz it really seemed like it. Evrything.

I'm glad i've influenced u a hell load.

At 1:31 PM, Blogger shy said...

Miss puhlease

At 6:16 PM, Blogger Andi said...

chok chok kendong tok tok

At 10:15 AM, Blogger shy said...

mr puhlease


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