Thursday, July 13, 2006

Mend ur battle stations

Met up with the old gang. Altho the usual suspects were missing it was such a blast.
Played a few rounds of games. Such an interesting yet simple concept. Changes were noticeable yet there was the same familiarity. The funny were still funny the weird were still weird.Just in a different package? Finally left the place at closing time. It didnt feel tht long. I guess thts wat happens when your having fun. Glad to see how people have change, what path they have taken in life and just to catch up with old times.

On another note..
I was happy to see you.
You know who u are.
Gonna talk in riddles now..
Blocks tht were stacked have now fallen apart.
Yet the foundations are still there.
It will never be the same but it will never be destroyed.
Kek kok auk sik nak ketok. Lak nip tick aung aung.


At 1:46 PM, Blogger Bhas said...

The important thing is you had fun right... ? these types of event have a funny way of bringing on nostalgia.. But it's harmless and only a reminder of happy times.. It may be painful but hey at least u get to relive old times...even if its for a short while..!


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