Sunday, November 19, 2006

should i adhere to tht pressing new frontier

Crack,failure,fracture,stress,cumulative damage... its been runnin thru my mind the whole day. Im so tired of it.Just so worn out.

Yeah wat were u thinking i was bogged dwn with.

im not depressed or anything.. thoes are topics for my module MS3003 Materials Failure.
ahhh.. im just tired n worn out of studying.

I need a pick me up.

Im staring at the mind drifting away and my eyes giving in. I just need the time to pass 2am. After tht the weariness n the sleepiness will wear off and back to mugging.

Cmon shy...Mugging is super dee duper fun!


I wish i was back in the hostel studyg. To have sum1 mugging with u is a great thing, tho refraining frm chit chatting and other distractions is quite difficult. But we were disciplined enough. Still remember us brewing coffee with ur coffee maker in the room. Freshly brewed coffee. One of the first times i drank a whole load of straight black coffee. Mugging till wee hrs like 5am. Best!

i miss the life,the company and the freedom.

ok i think im awake now.

All together now.... Mugging is super dee duper fun!

Eyes on the prize Shy. Eyes on the prize.

"for chips n for freedom i could die.."Jacquline--Franz Ferdinand


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