Monday, September 17, 2007

To negate mens rea

Prior to the holy month of rahmadan... we immersed ourselves in each others company.* Warning dun read this if ur puasa-ing.

Bfast, lunch, dinner... Food accompanied us all the time.
Teh tarik + goreng pisang + Andi = Heaven
Haagan Dasz + Kenko + Andi = Bliss

On another note...something big and significant may be happening. I dont know whether to embrace it welcomely. With it comes more added stress to do well and not eff up. Honestly to me the only reason i got it is coz of luck and the right ppl.I definitely am no model student. but then again...they may have already done a check on my less than stellar transcript. On the other side of the spectrum, this added stress is good to motivate me to excel and I feel that somehow God Almighty has opened up this path for me which I am so thankful for.


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