Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Hydrophillic head group

One more paper left and im good to go. Woooo! Lethargy has set in unfortunately. Im currently in Library 2..supposedly trying to study Surfactants but my mind has wondered off to another distant planet. Planet of fun activities. And im Captain planet of tht planet.So if u wana summon me..let ur powers combineee..
Ahaha wth.

Yup the holidays are near n after the last paper im off finally to the land of alot of shakes,tuck in baju boy,salmon belly,heavily discounted clothes and where the Superstar currently reigns supreme with all her minions at her beck and call.hahah wth.heeeee..and after tht im gona line up a slew of activities to enjoy,experience and fill up my time before I start my attachment in Jan.*gasp horror*.Tho most of it require the sun the sand n the sea... and its dec.hope the weather is nice to me.Ok mr weatherman sir.

As u can already tell im in a hyper dyper mood tho im freezing my ass off here in the library. I guess coz i ate my fav mango sago frm Canteen A just now.Humongous amount of sugarrr.Huge Slices of sweet rich mangoes drenched with mango puree in a coconut sauce amongst sperm like sago and ice..mmmmmmmmmm Worth every penny of my $1.50. i likeee

Alrighty i could go on n on.. but best not to yeah. Got to go bk to the Surfactants.

Ehhhh... Chris is here.We seem to have a knack at bumping into each other.alrightt maybe i get bk to work umm later?haha.

Uku zala uku zelula amathambo.


At 12:23 AM, Blogger NaDz said...

Babe, im still in melb. got a couple of days more. lotsa things 2 tell u. mayb giv u a ring soon. wht time is ur flight on dec 2nd fr sg? ill b back in brizzie dec 2nd erly early morn. miss and love ya lots babe!

At 11:33 PM, Blogger shy said...

missssssss....nw i called up ur mom just now to inform her of my flight n stuff..taking the midnite flight frm spore will be touchg dwn in brizzie on the 3dec touchdwn at 930am.thts the only day i'll be in brizzie. on one of the days i have the whole day free.. so i was thinking u come ovr GC n stay with us. we stayin at marriott. ok i email u the details. check k. missssss uuuuuu mannnn. hugs.


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