Friday, December 22, 2006

Test test.. Ive been trying to post this post since last wednesday but cant..stgs wrg when i try to publish it.. nevertheless im tryin to post it again.. so this post dah basi actually..

Firstly i just wanna say tht today was utter bliss. The food,the Kenko and the U.Thank u soo much. =) Ate a whole load today..nasi campur,pastries,sushi,peaches n creme and spagetthi oh n i still have the pudding thingie n cream puffs left..shiokkk..mmmm and kenko shiok kebabai yeah. ive been doin quite a bit of reading during the holidays. Mostly I read articles frm haha.. Its really interesting and u can learn a whole load frm there its very concise n it explains mechanisms and concepts in laymans term. They have this new 'What if' corner.. and one of the more interesting articles i read abt was..wat if we could live on the moon. Imagine tht. The concept/idea maybe passe but the fact tht the implementation of it is possible is amazing. The only downfall or limitation of it is money. it would cost billions of billions. I think the most interesting snippet frm the article is the fact tht we could grow our own food on the moon.A ton of wheat is made up of a ton of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, potassium, phosphorous, and so on.To grow a ton of wheat, you will have to import all the chemicals not readily available on the moon. Once the first crop is in, and as long as the colony's population is stable, then the chemicals can be reused in a natural cycle. The plant grows, a person eats it, and the person excretes it as solid waste, liquid waste and carbon dioxide in the breath. These waste products then nourish the next batch of plants. But you still have to get tons of food or chemicals to the moon to start the cycle.Interestg eh..


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