Tuesday, December 12, 2006

What size are ur cossies?

Fair Dinkum. How are ya? Yeap.. im back frm the land of no smoking in clubs, blinking red man, cheap jap food and out of proportion kebabs. I absolutely love it there. The ppl, the air, the view, the life. It was a definite eye opener for me.

I wish i could stay longer. A few things i didnt get to do is to visit Woolies(the supermarket) and try all the shakes and other stuff,valleygirl, hot italian guy, la dolce vita, visit superstars apartment and visit Brizzie's clubs. Oh btw shopping there is so bestttttt. absolutely love love Supre n Ice.

There were quite a number of memorable things and one of em is Shooters(a club in gold coast). We didnt know it was Bad Boys night.So after dancing dancing to a mix of hip hop and B-I-M-B-O and i think techno?i hav no idea wat genre it is but certainly not my cup of tea.. we had to clear the podium n make way for the Bad Boys performance... hahahhaah....eeeee..the muscular men in thight leather did a routine ala the full monty tho they didnt strip to their briefs/boxers.yawwnnn..hahah kidding!disgusting lah actually coz they tak hot just muscular je. Then there was a "manhunt" contest..the contestants not my cup of tea except for the cowboy..right Superstar right?mmmmm...tht was the only super cute one. It was a realie interstg experience.. and what goes on in the clubs there are so wayy rabak then here.

Other then shooters, the river cruise was amazing.. and it was surreal being in aussie with the superstar and actually experiencing the stuff tht she was telling me abt. =)

On another note... i enjoyed today. the jog the swim the U the sushi.and now my kaki sakit. =)

Oh yah superstar if ur reading this.. can u go n see yayness nye blog.



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