Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Let me play among the stars

Ive been trying to write a post but being mentally tired, the posts sounds very kiddish. Oh well..

First and foremost... Congratulations To The Superstar for receiving an offer from one of the big 4 accounting firms Deloitte & Touche! Wooohooo!
And.. thank u so much for the heavenly prawn butter sauce and the super dee duper addictive garlic spread flown all the way frm kuching.. courteousy of the superstars dad. Danke!.. My mum used the sauce almost immediately. hahah shiok man...the spread..i can just eat it like tht. Gorgeousness!

To my Irish.. thank you for yest. The sushi, the bag, the super shiok kebabai Kenko, the chocolate mousse and for letting me...*MMmmmm best*. heeeeeeeee =)
Fly to the moon with me.



At 2:46 AM, Blogger NaDz said...

eh it din go back or anything rite e butter prawn sauce? ur mum noe how 2 use it rite? no need 2 explain rite? den e herb butter ok or not?


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