Sunday, December 31, 2006

Lucky 7even

Im actually bored.
Lying dwn with the Macbk infront of me while eatg this amazingly delicious tasty seasoned paru courtesy of my nenek.. sedap kebabai man. The best tasting paru ever.

The Irish officer is bz at work protecting our homeland from all the illegal ngek ngak city huuull ppl. miss u.

and my other frens are gettin ready for tonite. Dun see wat the big hooha is.

just read Trent and he has his top 10 fav songs of 06.hmm well this 06 the song tht gets most play on my mp3 is.... drum rolls pls...its Arctic Monkey's I bet you look good on the dance floor and Dancing shoes. it preps me up for sch.. haha

Anyways.. im lookg forward to 07. To a year of hopefully more sweet memories and fun n joy n laughter n more merepekness ala the borat n bday tshirt gift. I dig tht.



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