Friday, December 29, 2006

disco tetris orange county grl

Don't Get It Twisted, don't get clever,This is the most craziest shit ever..Uh oh, woah.. Missy tht song has been playin in my mind.. dance sikit.Pop it n lock it..hahah..

2007 is comin.. well lets see what i did n did not do durin 06..
put aside

ok done.

so a new yr a new begining, n new resolutions n the renewal of old resolutions.. like the 6 mth pact.(i did 40 yest tho)

i need to be less forgetful
i need to articulate my thoughts better
i need to sharpen my mind.. coz i feel the brain gg dead
actually i need to do alot of things..

a digression..
i miss doing competitive sports. i get so high on adrenaline..i miss tht feeling

ok back to resolutions..

i need to read up more on a wider range of on finance.. coz whoever said ignorance is bliss is a dummy.

hmm ok i duno wat else to blog abt

ok thts all folks


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