Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A thousand diamonds strewn across a blue plate

Gosh where do i start..

Its been a week plus into my attachment.. and well immature as it may sound i so dun enjoy wrkg life. Haha. Time pass by so fast when work ends.. its like eh... didnt i just go to work. Work has also brought about an onslaught of undesirable habits. Ive become more sloppy..i have no desire to dress up.. just jeans n top and my specs. its tht bad.. well on one hand the wrk place is just 10 mins away from home.Ive also not kept in touch with things thts gg the news, the idiot box, my friends and myself.. Life has become routine. Sooo..... today i finally kicked myself out of the routine. The first was to have lunch at Mcd instead of the cafeteria and JTC canteen. Haha.. and i finally made some 'me' time. Lighted some scented candles, slap on some facial mask, dim the lights, switched on some Lisa Ono... ahh bliss.

Alright..enough of tht

My Irish is away in camp. M to the i to the double ass. u.

Last sat was gorgeous..simply gorgeous. From the weather,to the food, to the photos taken,to the priceless company,to the laughter shared,memories made and you..

alrityy thts all.. tschusss!

Miss Superstar..i wanna go Gd Vibrations! and if sch havnt start yet..then RMF also!


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