Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Did they increase the intake.Its always packed.Lunch on the go.3hrs sitting on my ass.Pardon the complains.Im tired.

"Light up light up!.
As if u have a choice."

On another note,had my "free"haircut.The hairdresser basically trim it n added more layers. n she curled it..ala jlo. hahahah.A colouring session is scheduled nxt wk.Yeayness!(cringes.ahax)

Run run run fly fly fly swim swim swim dance dance dance swing swing swing prance prance prance.

A lackluster dischord of words.Its just a reflection.

Tschus.Ukuzala ukuzelula amthambo.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Make yourself

Random thoughts and stuff

  • School commenced this wk
  • No tutes yet..n lects are basically intro..zzzz
  • Saw a number of Yjcian in school..they still looked the same
  • Oh no the cina mamp..err funeral under the block start the prayers oredi
  • the mrt rides are draining my $ n energy.
  • Im happy despite the glitches
  • N im lookg 4ward to the Toni n Guys show thingie!its gona be interestg .. the whole enchiladas.make up,editorial shots..
  • ate loads yest, ljs,swensens n canadian pizza.. buurrpppppppp.
  • the breeze at east coast was pure.
  • finally went to a loft in spore. its just like thoes on tv. high ceiling long elongated spaces..the bedroom felt like a hotel. nice. the view nxt door apparently wasnt. hah. $25 grand a month..gdness. arooftop pool,gym n one floor had a private jacuzzzi.. imagine the life.
  • ish bush ke ke lang klangg.
  • mas n shera i miss u guys
  • 1979 smashing pumpkins
  • Random stuff i wana do: try the sentosa Luge,bask in the sun on the beach(dun 4get ah missy),Fullerton's choc buffet omg,oh n also the Godiva choc drink everytime i pass the shop i'll be like staring at the how charlie did,im so craving for chocs..n hmm i wana get my A's, save $$ and i wana ngek ngang kek kong ish ding dang mit la la.
  • ok dah i think thts all.. oh yah superstar.. i tried the white choc bravissimo.. not bad ahh
  • when i woke up i was feeling feeling this song ah..Its by incubus..make urself. enjoy the vid,melody n lyrics.. n mr brandon boyd.haha.ok.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

certain accuracy

Ein erstes
Und ein drittes Mal
Um eine gewisse Genauigkeit zu schaffen, die absurd ist
Kreationen, die uns an ein Ende bringen k├Ânnen
Auf verschiedene Arten

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

bring out ur dancing shoes.

How do i describe yest in words?
A slew of adjectives come to mind.
But none can do justice to describe it.
Ive been grinning frm ear to ear.
My cheeks hurt.
ps: nachhoooooooooo libre is funny.period.the Esqueleto guy has the most funny accent ever. once he opens his mouth i cant help but laff.