Friday, August 31, 2007

Flowers in the window

Once upon a time in action city there lived The Anderian..

and The Princess of Power..

They joined forces... and together they built beautiful castles and watch the flowers grow

and they lived happily ever after.
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Dah habis.

Its been a few hrs since you left for KL..... and i miss you so. Been listening to travis- flowers in the window. .. and i love you so.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Give me more than i can stand

Random post:

Im happy and abit i think this post is gona be utterly random.

So anyways throughout my 22ish years of my exsistence I hav only 3 fav bands. In order to qualify as my fav band.. i must listen to them almost everyday repeatedly for a longg peeriod of time. For example the current fav band is arctic monkeys. They've been accompanying me everyday since early last year...haha without fail.. thus they've been awarded the title of Shy's fav band.Woo hoo
*a round of applause plz* clap clap.

During my sec sch days it was Matchbox twenty..JC days Incubus and now Arctic monkeys. And bloody hell none of them have performed here in Sg.

Ok thats all! Toodles party ppl!

Oh yeah i'll leave y'all with MB20's Bent.....Rob Thomas macam sapa ah... the rambut the nose...n the small mouth =p

I love life! woohoo

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Still I wonder why it is...

School -
School has started and ive been really pissed with the freshies these few days. Maybe its because they are the dragon babies, the freshies seem to come in droves and overwhelm practically every inch of NTU. I cant even print my notes, cant find a pc in LWN easily and worse still i havent had a proper meal because of them. Only yesterday did i manage to have a plate of spagetthi frm the Quad...and that is possible only because i had my "lunch" at 1030 am. Argh... I hope n pray that after a few wks they discover the joys of skipping school.

So anyways these few days ive been eating good food courtesy of the sayang. On Mon we went to Dong dong dong 1 2 3 we are Kushin Bo ! Yummmy... The snow crab, the sushi, the desserts mmm.. They have renovated the place and there are some new items on the buffet spread like tempura-ish crispy ebi sushi and also cold sweet prawns. Mmm.. my only complaint is that the ice-cream at the soft serve machine only had the chocolate flavour. Its yummy but I was looking forward to the green tea ic cream.

A picture of the man with his Kushin bo spread.

On Tues I was darn hungry by the end of the day. A result of eating only a piece of cheesy mushroom puff and mango smoothie at Coffee Express in sch. That was the only queue that wasnt long. So after school, we had dinner at siam kitchen in JPT. Tht place always reminds me of miss superstar.. well that and watson's and ntuc oh and chameleon. ahax. I had a bowl of super extremly delicious beef noodle soup. Yummmmmmy..... The boy only had a bowl of red ruby as he had a heavy lunch of kfc and pizza. Anyway while eating I was reminicising to him..the hostel days of the superstar n the rockstar.. of how we always come to jpt, eat banquet or siam kitchen, spent hrs at watson or chameleon... best horzzz

Yesterday was dinner at beach road. We ordered mee kuah and mutton chop. The mee kuah super damn shiyok. So shiyok that i didnt layan the boy. heee.... Then on the 2nd level, there is this authentic belgian waffle shop. Co owned by and ang moh n chinese man i think. We ordered set A which was a belgian waffle and chocolate dip. The waffle was hot n yummy and the dip....omg. Its served in thoes styrofoam bowl that satay sellers normaly put the gravy in. yeah... so after wolfing down the waffle there was still alot of chocolate sauce left in the bowl so we drank it. OMG Omg.... heaven.


Hahahaha.. where do i begin. Well umm ok i just highlight some stuff.

A pair of Keds:

A pair of Ipanema Giesele Bundchen Sandals.

A vintage blouse and skirt frm a Vintage shop in the army market.

Some makeup stuff frm Sasa.

And the Pièce de résistance has got to be this Mischa Barton poster.

Was walking around in JPT and we went in a sports shop.. and they had a whole section of keds shoes with like Mischa's poster and stuff. I was like Omg they have the poster n stuff!... so the precious bf went to ask the sales assistant whether they sell the poster. She was like laughing n thinking it was a joke.. then at the counter she told the boss we wanted it... n its sitting on my dresser drawer! So thank you mr istee lauder harder faster for asking and the kind lady n boss frm tht shop! =)

And For my precious companion:

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Been wanting to find this since a few wks back..... A straw trilby

And the eagle eyed Mr finally found 4 me...Yeay! Let me here u say Trilby Trilby!

Apart frm the trilby, i got a pair or red wayfarer and the oh so cool pair of Keds... will post pic of it soon! Toodles!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Naughties girl

I absolutely love this make up video by Amy B! I love the editing the song..everytg..shes so pretty..and I lurve her room.. Enjoy!

And Andi, since u wont let me be a rockstar...I wanna be like Vanessa paradis..

Friday, August 03, 2007

I signal them with my lighter

First up... the cure was awesomeeee!.. Altho there was a lack of audience band interaction apart frm robert smith's soft" Thank you"(andi does a great impression of this) after a few songs... they sounded really great live. I absolutely loved it when those seated just stood up n started swaying, dancing, shaking to the music... 3 hrs of great music. I wana be a rockstar..
Pre- Show

The 3 hr 10 mins set-lst was as such..

Tape (intro)
Fascination Street
A Strange Day¨
The Blood
A Night Like This
The Walk
The End of the World
Pictures of You
Kyoto Song
Hot Hot Hot
The Drowning Man
From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea
Inbetween Days
Friday I'm In Love
Just Like Heaven
If Only Tonight We Could Sleep
The Kiss
Shake Dog Shake
Never Enough
Wrong Number
One Hundred Years
Shiver and Shake

1st Encore: Let's Go To Bed, Close To Me, Why Can't I Be You?

2nd Encore: Three Imaginary Boys, Fire In Cairo, Boys Don't Cry, Jumping Someone Else's Train, Grinding Halt, 10:15 Saturday Night, Killing An Arab

How effing great!! And worth every penny... 2 encores.. i think they noe singaporeans..

2nd agenda on the list.... I bought a new pair of contact lens..its brown/hazel... but looks greenish here.. I think i look like a vampire with it.

Lastly... tmrw's gona be a long long day..Seminar on 'Application of modern analytical techniques' at DSI in NUS..10am to 530pm..........

Out.. "thank you"..

It was loads of fun at the concert. 4 hit combos n such.. Dancing at the side with u n The Cure... =)