Friday, April 27, 2007

Under my umbrella..ella ella ella

Everythings gg well. Been really bz with work.. i really like it there. I like the job i like the environment. It has made me come to realise what career path i wanna pursue.. and that is being an FA engineer. Hectic yes, brain busting yes.. but i just love it. Its anything but mundane.

Ive been offered to extend my IA for another 1 mth. Should i take it? The offer is tempting.. tho the only thing is im taking special sem II. Work n study?.. Oh and im doing my FYP there too..=)

Theres Alot of things i wanna blog about..but by the time i come home im so drained mentally and physically. To the superstar.. im sorry if i took an extremly long time to reply *days* .. Just read ur blog...

Lets c... i wana blog abt the sentosa trip.. tht was like a month back? haha.. Our little 'overseas' trip.. to compensate for the 'overthebridge' trip. Spending almost 1 whole day with you. Discovering ur idosyncrasies and such.. *Spinning and spinning*

Monday, April 02, 2007

Whats urs?

Saw this test on superstars blog.. I did it and thts the result.. Fairly accurate.. So whats urs?

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