Monday, September 17, 2007

To negate mens rea

Prior to the holy month of rahmadan... we immersed ourselves in each others company.* Warning dun read this if ur puasa-ing.

Bfast, lunch, dinner... Food accompanied us all the time.
Teh tarik + goreng pisang + Andi = Heaven
Haagan Dasz + Kenko + Andi = Bliss

On another note...something big and significant may be happening. I dont know whether to embrace it welcomely. With it comes more added stress to do well and not eff up. Honestly to me the only reason i got it is coz of luck and the right ppl.I definitely am no model student. but then again...they may have already done a check on my less than stellar transcript. On the other side of the spectrum, this added stress is good to motivate me to excel and I feel that somehow God Almighty has opened up this path for me which I am so thankful for.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Gimme gimme

Been bz with sch n the final yr project. Planned the schedule and its crazy bz. Been bogged dwn with lack of gd slp. Grouchiness exudes.

Its Syahirah... Bitch....

Gimme Gimme more gimme gimme gimme more.... I cant get tht song out of my head.. been dancing to it... Gimme gimme

Its Britney's comeback song..