Sunday, February 25, 2007

Underneath the stars

The aftermath......a heady rush of melancholic endorphines greets me this warm lazy sunday morning.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The littlest things

when a brainfart comes it just keeps on coming. Incubus playing at the back of my mind..'its coming ard again, theyre letting it out comes abrupt lika a matador taunting me with its redest red cloth ..'

Sometimes its just the littlest things that shows you how much they care. A simple thought, a simple memory a simple gesture like a call to ensure your safely home, or taking serviettes for you etc. It makes my day. The fact that someone actually bothers to sweat the small stuff for u shows how much u mean to them. No need for fancy schmancy pressies (im not saying there isnt any need at all ah =p) or in your face statements of how much they care. Its all in the small stuff.

Life is a curious thing. Choices shape who you are. Choice is that fine line between greatness or failure. It nvr cease to amaze me.

ok im being random.

anywhos.. yest was wicked. Wicked beats courtesy of Ursula1000 and Beastie boys(esp when they played sabotage). Wicked fun courtesy of the wicked company. Tho i think i expected more from the GoodVibration festival it was still balls of fun! The dancing at chinese laundry with beats provided by ursula1000... bestttttttt kebabai. Letting loose with no inhibitions it was truely liberating.

To the irish who is sleeping oh so soundly now... mmmmmmmmmm best.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Let me play among the stars

Ive been trying to write a post but being mentally tired, the posts sounds very kiddish. Oh well..

First and foremost... Congratulations To The Superstar for receiving an offer from one of the big 4 accounting firms Deloitte & Touche! Wooohooo!
And.. thank u so much for the heavenly prawn butter sauce and the super dee duper addictive garlic spread flown all the way frm kuching.. courteousy of the superstars dad. Danke!.. My mum used the sauce almost immediately. hahah shiok man...the spread..i can just eat it like tht. Gorgeousness!

To my Irish.. thank you for yest. The sushi, the bag, the super shiok kebabai Kenko, the chocolate mousse and for letting me...*MMmmmm best*. heeeeeeeee =)
Fly to the moon with me.


Saturday, February 03, 2007

Sweet Escape

been rewriting my posts..trying to penn dwn my tots..
well i think this song and the video sums it up..