Friday, October 27, 2006

To the person who has tht killer booty n smile, tht effervescent personality,a generous heart and my long lost sista....

HAPPPPPY 22nd BIRTHDAYYYY Ms Nadiah Superstarrr!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

winner takes all

I've forgotten to mention who solved the "riddle/contest/question" correctly in the previous post.

Well the winner is..........ANDI !

he solved it correctly..the ans is LOVE... and he has won himself.. umm.. 100 pts?


Monday, October 23, 2006

Burn book.

Only Diamonds are forever.

Watched Grey's Anatomy durin the day.A repeat telecast.It resonated with wat i was feeling. To qu0te ellen pompeo/Dr Grey .. "Most of the time u just want a taste, and when u finally taste it sometimes its just not enuff and u crave for more.. "

So today scrubbed toilets,polished floors and dust here and there to welcome Hari Raya. This year the festive feeling for me is just not there.

Nws hjagsydayedgayhdbbdscmsnvdvkolsiauiiwygagffajshllajjdhjdfbav.
i want to get free drinks too. and 2 dollars off meat.

So the ans to the previous post is...... LOVE.

Testosterone and Oestrogen = lustful phase of a relationship = A
Dopamine, Norepinephrine, and Seretonin = attraction phase of a relationship = B
Oxytocin, and Vasopressin = long term bonding and relationships characterized by strong attachments= C

so A+B+C = LOVE

So i guess the magic formula to love potion no.9 is all these chemicals.

Well..lets not talk abt Love anymore.

So.. yeah i got through the interview for my attachment and so i will be attached at Advance Micron Devices. Alhamdulilah.Its near,a reputable company and i like the programme scope..failure analysis..soo i will be in the lab with the microscope and the chips for 1 sem.Fun? i would like to think ala CSI.haha.drm on.

Yup.. so i juz wana say...HAPPY HARI RAYA.. and maaf zahir dan batin.


Friday, October 20, 2006

Montagues and Capulets

Serotonin+Oxytocin+Vasopressin = ?

Any guesses.
The winner gets to educate the rest.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Lollipops and caramel puddings

Its been awhile since i took the route tht i so frequent last time while i stayed in hall. Then i made a detour to my fav fav place in NTU. Nanyang Supermarket. Damn i miss it. I remember always going there. Whenever Im stressed or bored, I'll be there gg through each aisle, checking out all the food products and buying and tryin the stuffs, sumhow it just makes me happier.haha.I just love it.I sorta memorised what is in the supermarket.hah. The selection there is quite eclectic i must say. Some stuff u cant get from thoes normal supermarket. And how can I forget the super dee duper long time me n the superstar take just to decide on a shower gel, or biscuits or sabun cuci toilet..hahah ages,lama..macam makcik.. kan superstar kan?

I miss U lah ms superstar. Come bk here and we'll paint the twn red. ;)

Hugz n kisses n misses.

Monday, October 09, 2006

defragmentting the attic

Is chivalry dead? Act 1 scene 1. A train chock full of ppl. A pregnant lady. 2 guys sitting on the seats. And none giving up the seats.Act 2 scene 1.The bf sat dwn while the gf stood. Granted he maybe tired but still. Act 3 scene 1 well lets not get into tht.
Call me old fashion, but never ever underestimate the power of chivalry.A real gentleman is tres hot. What ever happened to
the days of yore,where being a gentleman was a part of life?

wentworth miller is tres hot too.haha just a digression.


"all my ideas make them laugh, but in the end u'll see they're not so daft..."
-ed harcourt

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

yeah i asked for it :p

On the journey home it still got me thinking. Euthypro's dilemma. Society outweighs father or father outweighs society.I cant seem to grasp a solid conclusion or belief. Went online and did a little research.Read abt Socrates, Euthypro and Plato. More questions cropped up. No wonder its called philosophy.

The basic story is Euthypro is a prosecutor and has to prosecute his father for murder. But as a son where does his loyalty stand? A prosecutor for the masses or as a son . Society outweighs father or father outweighs society?

And pls visit this website
Give a voice to the children who are innocent victims of online child abuse.