Sunday, December 31, 2006

Lucky 7even

Im actually bored.
Lying dwn with the Macbk infront of me while eatg this amazingly delicious tasty seasoned paru courtesy of my nenek.. sedap kebabai man. The best tasting paru ever.

The Irish officer is bz at work protecting our homeland from all the illegal ngek ngak city huuull ppl. miss u.

and my other frens are gettin ready for tonite. Dun see wat the big hooha is.

just read Trent and he has his top 10 fav songs of 06.hmm well this 06 the song tht gets most play on my mp3 is.... drum rolls pls...its Arctic Monkey's I bet you look good on the dance floor and Dancing shoes. it preps me up for sch.. haha

Anyways.. im lookg forward to 07. To a year of hopefully more sweet memories and fun n joy n laughter n more merepekness ala the borat n bday tshirt gift. I dig tht.


Friday, December 29, 2006

disco tetris orange county grl

Don't Get It Twisted, don't get clever,This is the most craziest shit ever..Uh oh, woah.. Missy tht song has been playin in my mind.. dance sikit.Pop it n lock it..hahah..

2007 is comin.. well lets see what i did n did not do durin 06..
put aside

ok done.

so a new yr a new begining, n new resolutions n the renewal of old resolutions.. like the 6 mth pact.(i did 40 yest tho)

i need to be less forgetful
i need to articulate my thoughts better
i need to sharpen my mind.. coz i feel the brain gg dead
actually i need to do alot of things..

a digression..
i miss doing competitive sports. i get so high on adrenaline..i miss tht feeling

ok back to resolutions..

i need to read up more on a wider range of on finance.. coz whoever said ignorance is bliss is a dummy.

hmm ok i duno wat else to blog abt

ok thts all folks

Thursday, December 28, 2006

of smiles n strawberries n incubus rcks

Im blessed and thankful tht I met my Irish lad. Its interesting to see how events in life and the constellation align themselves so tht paths are crossed.

Everyone is searchg for tht illusive happiness and im glad i found mine.

für immer.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

ok is there a word limit to each post? coz this is a continuation of the previous post as i cant seem to post the complete post...


Oh and there was this survey on who is ur favourite genius. Mine is Albert Einstein. Cliche as it may sound but i think he is a true genius because he is a true visionary, had a great imagination tht was his fortitude, determination(he checks his calculation 1000 times to make sure its right) and cmon he came up with one of the most important theory and tht is theory of relativity. A gorgeous theory. He proved atoms exist, wave particle duality and the infamous E=mC*2. And thoes are my fav topics for physics. haha. Other people on the genius survey list are Issac Newton and... Hugh Hefner. Go figure.

Umm ok.. i think i sound like a geek now.


hahah ok thts all.. i took a long time to write this post so.. i'll be damned if i cant post it.. altho its boring for some.. anyways peace out.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Test test.. Ive been trying to post this post since last wednesday but cant..stgs wrg when i try to publish it.. nevertheless im tryin to post it again.. so this post dah basi actually..

Firstly i just wanna say tht today was utter bliss. The food,the Kenko and the U.Thank u soo much. =) Ate a whole load today..nasi campur,pastries,sushi,peaches n creme and spagetthi oh n i still have the pudding thingie n cream puffs left..shiokkk..mmmm and kenko shiok kebabai yeah. ive been doin quite a bit of reading during the holidays. Mostly I read articles frm haha.. Its really interesting and u can learn a whole load frm there its very concise n it explains mechanisms and concepts in laymans term. They have this new 'What if' corner.. and one of the more interesting articles i read abt was..wat if we could live on the moon. Imagine tht. The concept/idea maybe passe but the fact tht the implementation of it is possible is amazing. The only downfall or limitation of it is money. it would cost billions of billions. I think the most interesting snippet frm the article is the fact tht we could grow our own food on the moon.A ton of wheat is made up of a ton of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, potassium, phosphorous, and so on.To grow a ton of wheat, you will have to import all the chemicals not readily available on the moon. Once the first crop is in, and as long as the colony's population is stable, then the chemicals can be reused in a natural cycle. The plant grows, a person eats it, and the person excretes it as solid waste, liquid waste and carbon dioxide in the breath. These waste products then nourish the next batch of plants. But you still have to get tons of food or chemicals to the moon to start the cycle.Interestg eh..

Thursday, December 14, 2006


was surfing Youtube... and i found this. Goshhhhhh they're playing Nebula on their new tour. Omg. And Brandon is damn high. i like. Effing hot.Check out the moves.Effing hot. need i say more. A pity tho the sound is muffled. man i still cant believe they're playing nebula. wow. ok. Enjoy.

Do... you..., do you enjoy... your sight inside...

Disconnect and let me drift until my upside down is right side in
Society must let the artist go to wander off into the nebula

Wander off into you nebula
Your nectarine of multiplicity
Cum like orgasmatron on overdrive

Wander in off to your nebula
Your tangerine of electricity is ripe and on a vine
So, pick your prize

In....little black book... do I... confide..

Upon return, I conjure what was seen, I let it pulse and boil within my limbs
I lay my pencil to the porous page and let my lunatic indulge itself

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

What size are ur cossies?

Fair Dinkum. How are ya? Yeap.. im back frm the land of no smoking in clubs, blinking red man, cheap jap food and out of proportion kebabs. I absolutely love it there. The ppl, the air, the view, the life. It was a definite eye opener for me.

I wish i could stay longer. A few things i didnt get to do is to visit Woolies(the supermarket) and try all the shakes and other stuff,valleygirl, hot italian guy, la dolce vita, visit superstars apartment and visit Brizzie's clubs. Oh btw shopping there is so bestttttt. absolutely love love Supre n Ice.

There were quite a number of memorable things and one of em is Shooters(a club in gold coast). We didnt know it was Bad Boys night.So after dancing dancing to a mix of hip hop and B-I-M-B-O and i think techno?i hav no idea wat genre it is but certainly not my cup of tea.. we had to clear the podium n make way for the Bad Boys performance... hahahhaah....eeeee..the muscular men in thight leather did a routine ala the full monty tho they didnt strip to their briefs/boxers.yawwnnn..hahah kidding!disgusting lah actually coz they tak hot just muscular je. Then there was a "manhunt" contest..the contestants not my cup of tea except for the cowboy..right Superstar right?mmmmm...tht was the only super cute one. It was a realie interstg experience.. and what goes on in the clubs there are so wayy rabak then here.

Other then shooters, the river cruise was amazing.. and it was surreal being in aussie with the superstar and actually experiencing the stuff tht she was telling me abt. =)

On another note... i enjoyed today. the jog the swim the U the sushi.and now my kaki sakit. =)

Oh yah superstar if ur reading this.. can u go n see yayness nye blog.