Friday, September 29, 2006

ok go

Couldnt sleep so i tried to finish up my project.
n Mr Peddler was online.Yeay!Gave me prescriptions.
Had my dose of early mornin fix.

My little ponies n unicorns
Waking up early sat morn just to watch tht
Such a sweet and precious time

Take me back there on the yellow submarine wont u?

" Arent u such a catch,wat a prize with a body like a battle axe" hahaha.. Absolut fuckg love this song and vid.

Thursday, September 28, 2006


Incubus's A Certain Shade of Green
A certain shade of green, tell me, is that what you need? All signs around say move ahead. Could someone please explain to me your ever present lack of speed? Are your muscles bound by ropes? Or do crutches cloud your day? My sources say the road is clear, and street signs guide the way.
Are you gonna stand around till 2012 A.D.? What are you waiting for, A certain shade of green? I think I grew a grey watching you procrastinate.

Would a written invitation signed, "Choose now or lose it all," sedate your hesitation? Or inflame and make you stall? You've been raised in limitation, but that glove never fit quite right. The time has come for hand-me-downs, choose anew, please evolve, take flight What are you waiting for? A written invitation? A public declaration? A private consolation?

When you procrastinate you choose last.

Fav fav fav. It gets played more one month before the dawn of exams and for thoes oh so lazy' i dont want to do work kinda days'. Blast the stereo,scream n jump ard.n get pumped for wrk. kinda an ode for myself now. So if ur procrastinating well this ones for u. Love and light!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Monday, September 25, 2006

would u be my apocalyptic friend

A lil grl in her pink tutu with faux rabbit ears on her pretty lil head ambling through the crowds. Madonna's voice could be heard in the background..almost a melodic whisper"this used to be my playground, this used to be my childhood dreams, this used to be the place i ran to, whenever i was in need of a friend..."

Nostalgia hits. Transported to a time where, dolls,candies n love was a bound. A free spirited care free life. A time of curiosity and where words cant hurt tht deep. A dust of fairy sprinkles and rainbow land would pop up again.

A woman in a tutu with faux rabbit ear on her pretty head ambling through the crowds. Madonna's voice transcends to her ears.."you're so concerned with how much you get, you waste your time with hate and regret,you're broken.."

Reality hits. Transported to the real world where obstacles, dissapointment and hurt runs amok.
A life where you have to weigh everything and where responsibility is king. Where words hurt deep. A dust of fairy sprinkles n ur in rehab.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

little L

Received a late nite call frm Simba. And the song goes like this..
Girl i just found out theres a CA tmrw..
we'r screwed.
@#$%* Yeah we're dead.

Thts how my Monday started off. With a kick a boom n a bang. Like some makelekelelahdadida. Im studying for a test thts on in a wk's time n didnt noe theres a test the nxt day.How wonderful.

needless to say how the test went. doody poo.

Anywhos, had wadrobe fittings at 6 tht day. Went ovr there and The Hairstylist was like..'insert name!' ur dress is the nicesttt! wah so niceee.. ahahah ok bagos. Apparently I have to take on the persona of Sloth. Yea sloth. So one of the guy was like.. Honeeyy..later u walk like thisss.. and he went on to show me.. well imagine a drunken monkey. i was like thts drunk not sloth.. tactfully omitted the monkey part.hee

yea so these few days i've been hitting the bed earlier. once i lie dwn thts it im gone to the land of fantasies of macadamia shakes,truffles, acid jazz,funk n make believe.I stay in this land till abt 3-ish am and then bk to reality. I dont know why.

heres a peak of wat my drms are like....

a party in my mind.
thts all.tschus.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

road to discovery

Its 4 am..i cant sleep.I've not been bloggin coz i didnt have the want or need to and ive been bz with sch n stuff. So yeah a lil update or watever you call it..well sch is gona be hectic with 4 projects going on and recently ive been bz with choosing a company for my attachment.Heard tht the trick is to choose MNC's as they will not exploit u as cheap labour.Hah.I dunno how true is tht.Just hearsay.Yeah..dateline is this wed so im still deliberating on wch company to choose.yup other than tht The Show is nearing.yeay dah dei!

Yeah and im embarking on a new path now. As cliche as this may sound..a rd to self discovery and self pampering.haha.My momma dispenses good advice..just tht i choose not to listen to it. And when the shit hits the fan..i'll regret not listenin.Just a digression.

Oh yah..Mr Political Science.. i still dunno why i ran out after hearing tht coldplay song till 2day.watched it on utube..still dont have an inkling y.

alright i'll end off with one of my fav songs frm my fav band Incubus..called Just a Phase.I love the melody and lyrics.Profound.Dedicated to all my fellow beings and dreadheads on this planet of lurveee.Peace the spork out.