Monday, July 31, 2006

Paddocks n bullocks

A warning was given. What bullshit is tht.Infrastructure were already destroyed beforehand in the world are they supposed to run. Are these people daft or what.3rd grade liars. It makes me boil when i read the papers every morning. These are children for God's sake. Children. We are suppose to protect them to celebrate them. And the worse thing is tht..they say it was a mistake. A mistake? These children died coz it was a mistake.You destroy the infrastructure,then u warn of an attack..where the hell are the ppl suppose to run and how are they gonnna run. Dont be daft.

ooo la la la la la

A glitch in the matrix of lifes unanswered question. How wonderfully fitting.I hope not.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Just a phase

Raw.Powerful.Haunting.Beautiful.A classic.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Mr Li I'm really sorry.Its just tht it reminds me alot of u guys..the vid, the lyrics.."Betapa pilunya rindu menusuk....etc"its like aduh aduh aduh..strikes a chord.. jiwang..aduh keren bangat dong.N the hot bod..err watever makes u happy yah.My apologies again.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Laden with grief

What do they wish to gain from launching this offensive. Pride?Power?Poo? A move from the pawn while the playmaker hides in the shadow. Carefully reading the game and stealthily making the moves. Of all the entities in this world they should know how it feels to be homeless,terrorized,oppressed and insignificant.Or isit fear tht drives them?Fear of reverting back to tht particular well documented era.One things for sure..they've opened up a can of worms.

Lets say a word of prayer.

Monday, July 24, 2006

The Battle of Mordor

Once upon a time in a far away island of chilli crab and sun a gathering was held.The members in the society decided to gather in a place known for its ethnicity(tho waning),eclecticism and sheesha.The society was at first made up off happy contented people who were happily basking in each others company.But not for long.'Bad Service' made its presence felt.The members of the society tried to ignore and tried a peaceful method but IT was always in their faces,taunting, jeering, teasing looking for a fight. The members of the society could not ignore it any longer.. a fight ensued. It was ugly.10mins they said.10 mins came and left.In the end no happy people were seen, just bitter and hungry members.Some swore never to venture there again.Never again they said.'Bad service' left a bad taste in their mouth.

In order to salvage wats left of the gathering, its wounded members decided to venture into another land filled with jazz and finger food.The Blu Jazz they called it. A magical place.
This change of light and ambience nourished the souls of the members and once again they went back to their old former happy selves.Talking to each other abt their old days of yore peppered with the war tht they have just fought.Battle scars abound.The gathering ended with the air of sweet goodbyes and promises.And they lived happily ever after.

The end.

Yeah and somewhere in the middle a certain member of the society panicked.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Strange and beautiful

Amazing how a change of a word makes the world smaller and brighter.
Im happy as a lark.
Its been ages.
Strange and beautiful indeed.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Feel good time

Miss Superstar may i borrow ur disco ball? Wanna parrtaaayyy like last time.
Mr Kat lets sing in the car.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Printable Page

Woohoo! I got my choice of GE wch is Creative design in Communication and Mktg! Altho its not as fabulous as someones elective in a far away land of milk n macadamia shake..its better than the other choices. Anyways sch is starting in..hmm lemmesee..2.5 wks time..thts great.
Next semester's subjects tht Im taking doesnt look too bad. Im actually looking forward to it except the dreaded Applied Chem. Bleah.. So here's a list of wat i will be taking..
  • Metallic and Ceramic Materials
  • Materials Failure
  • Microelectronics Material Processing
  • Applied Chem
  • Human Resource Management and Enterpreneurship
  • Material Aspects In Design
  • Creative Design in Communication n Mktg

Thts all. Tschus!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Tht old feeling

"This fire is out of control. We're gonna burn this city.Burn this city..."

Man its been awhile since I heard this song and it brings back memories. I wanna go back to tht time.The gig. It was sooooo awesome. Felt so high,liberated, hyper. Balls of fun.Yeah n after, the concert in the car.The windows dwn,stereo cranked up and sum1 shouting as we drove passed by the concert goers.Woohoo. Come lets board the time machine and go back to tht pt of time.Come with me wont ya.

"Ich heiße Super FantastischIch trinke Schampus mit LachsfischIch heiße Super Fantastisch.."

like brushes we paint our hopeful ways

Rise and shine ppl. Ive not been bloggin for these few days coz well im braindead. Dead dead dead.
Anyways..well I finally caught Mr Johnny Depp in POTC. He was amazing as usual. I love how he potrayed his character.Johnny depp is Mr Substance. On the whole POTC 2 was oklah. Just tht I prefer POTC 1 coz of its storyline. Ok as u can see im braindead. Wat kind of stupid review did i just write. Mr substance. Hah.

Wake up Shy.(I miss hearing tht)

Im kinda feeling bummed rite now. Im feeling alot of things. Gosh.Sheesh.Bleargh.Brr.

Anyways yest was a funny day. Kept on laughing, partly coz of my natural tendency to laugh when in certain situations and partly well coz its reallie funny. It was interesting and weird too.
Ironically it felt like im meeting a gd old pal;despite the slow start of my engine.Long lost past eh. Hahha. Nw this Long lost Mr is full of weird self taught analogies. The toothpaste and tootbrush analogy lah and the second hand car analogy. And wat was tht advert in the mrt; the cute lil boy or stg...hahaha..Full of merepekness. Nw thanks for the pizza!

I wanna rewind something back.

ok in andi's word n gayishest tone

bye bye kebabai!


Saturday, July 15, 2006

Chicken or tuna.

While the big players decide on which side to back..lives are destroyed. Shoot the staunch supporter.

Lippity Uppity

Its like 410 am in the morning. OMG. I woke up frm sleep. Forced myself to go to slp but to no avail. Been trying since 330. Yea so here i am bloggin. I have no idea wat i wanna blog abt.

Where's the brainfart when u need one. Pooooott....

Im pissed with the recent development of the Israel-Palestine tussel.Dirty,very dirty tactics and politics. Like always. Why do politics have to be tht way? Nvr a gd vs bad. Only in the interest of self and at the opportunity cost of others. Its like men stripped dwn to his primordial state.

"Politics, n. Strife of interests masquerading as a contest of principles".
Ambrose Bierce, The Devil's DictionaryUS author & satirist (1842 - 1914)


Thursday, July 13, 2006

Speak free

  • The Superstar came and left the building.
  • Having Tom Yum noodles and a BK meal for dinner announces the arrival of The Appetite.
  • Thts a really good sign. Brain ,heart and stomach harmony.
  • Why cant my school have elctives such as Dance,tap and all tht jazz. Or Sex and Rock n roll?
  • The electives I've taken so far are.. Economics,Mental Health,German1,Word and Image.
  • I am thankful for the life tht I have.
  • Drmt of someone. It was nice.
  • Im feeling very kitschy.
  • He reminds me of Mike Shinoda Spore.
  • Engineer?Arts?Business?
  • Treading carefully and slowly is the key.In the river named emotions.
  • School pls start.
  • La La.
  • Superstar dont forget the 6 mths pact.
  • Jin I think your Celica is your best work yet. Check out artsyfartsy's garage. Hmm this is like a free advertorial.How much u gonna pay me eh.
  • I should continue working on the VW Beetle. Give it some gd ol shy pimping. Then eat my dust. hah.
  • Ye yea watever andi la la. Go ahead and laugh. Kaoz rabkz sak.

Mend ur battle stations

Met up with the old gang. Altho the usual suspects were missing it was such a blast.
Played a few rounds of games. Such an interesting yet simple concept. Changes were noticeable yet there was the same familiarity. The funny were still funny the weird were still weird.Just in a different package? Finally left the place at closing time. It didnt feel tht long. I guess thts wat happens when your having fun. Glad to see how people have change, what path they have taken in life and just to catch up with old times.

On another note..
I was happy to see you.
You know who u are.
Gonna talk in riddles now..
Blocks tht were stacked have now fallen apart.
Yet the foundations are still there.
It will never be the same but it will never be destroyed.
Kek kok auk sik nak ketok. Lak nip tick aung aung.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

rusty deutsch

Testing testing..ahem ahem..eins, zwei, drei..
Über das Unbekannte hinaus
Mächtige Erscheinung
Ist es ein Traum
Oder ist es wahr
Über das Unbekannte hinaus

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Sky Juice

Yest when i went bk home the withdrawal symptom came. Wanted to call u abt stg but well ur like how many thousand feet up in the air. Sheesh. Boring. Nadiahhhhhh... Its like sending off my sister you know. Sigh. Anyways i hope you settle dwn quickly and have a great ball of a time there. And remember to bring back the thing i told u to bring back in the card. the last line.haha!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Mambo italiano

Yeah so the Italians won! Didnt catch the full match tho dozed off a couple of times. Missed the Zidane sent off. Wat a way to end his international career eh.

So lately I've been reading up abt body armour and hypnosis. Body armour coz i was curious to find out the mechanism behind it..since thts my line of future work. And i must say the principle behind how it works is so simple. Its interesting. Do you know tht goats..yeah goats have been genetically engineered to produce the chemical constituents of spider silk, and the resulting material is called Biosteel. Apparently a strand of Biosteel can be up to 20 times stronger than an equivalent strand of steel. Amazing eh.

Hypnosis is really interestg. Apparently when we r hypnotized we are in a hyperattentive state.
We also do practice self hynosis.. when we watch movies, drive or read. What happens is for example when we read we get so engrossed in the plot tht we forget abt our probs, and tune out other stuff and we feel uninhibited and relaxed.And it is during this stage tht when the hypnotist suggest something we would prob take in the idea easily. like for cluck like a chicken.

Ok thts all.

I read ur post Mr Li. Kitaro. HA. HA. so funni(sarcastic).Rolls eyes.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Miss i wanna follow. I dont care just put me in the suitcase. Dont worry I promise i will fit.

Friday, July 07, 2006

For the kat

After all, all I have in my mind
Is just silence all around
A thousand times I have tried to find
Pieces of dreams.
visions and sounds
And then I pray for better days

Do you know
how it is without anyone
Do you know anyone?
Don't let it go
Never forget that whenI think of you
You're not alone

After all, all I have in my heart
Are the pieces, that I found Shades of blue, swimming in the moon
Counting the stars all around
I say a prayer for better days

Do you know how it is without anyone
Do you know anyone?
Don't let it go
Never forget that whenI think of you
You're not alone

Do you know how it is without anyone
Do you know anyone at all?

All Around(Written by Bebel Gilberto, Masaharu Shimizu, Marius De Vries)

Thursday, July 06, 2006


Im bored as hell. Been doing almost the same stuff everyday.Trying to keep myself entertained and its gettin difficult tho. Going out still doesnt satisfy me. I need new experiences. New places.
If only there exists a teleporter. I'll be in Paris by now fully enriched by the historical and architectural beauty of it.The Champs Elyseese..oui oui. Or in the Maldivies basking in the sun appreciating the dazzling under water coral gardens. Sigh.

Sanjot's in India, Anavy's in I dunno where, Livia's in Seattle, Nadiah's gonna be in Queensland and Syahirah in Bedok Reservoir.

Come fly with me lets fly lets fly away.

ps: any1 wanna catch gd ol johnny depp when POTC opens in the cinema?

Ukuzala uku zelula amathambo.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A 360 degree turn.
My brain is dying.
Cmon educate me.
I'll enrich you.
The teacher has taken flight.

Its 945am now and i cant slp. Been awake since 330am. man.
I havnt been like this since hostel time. Nw..i was actually thinking of gg for a swim in the morning..but oh well.

So im thinking of what to blog abt..waiting for a brain fart.


so while im waiting, im lookg at brandon boyd my muse.

ok here it comes... a brain fart.

My indecent obsession with Mr Brandon Charles Boyd reminds me of the time i was obsessed with Mr Robert Kelly Thomas and the embarassinggg incident. Till this day i cant forget it.
Along with tht there were 2 other embarassin situations. The anna sui mole thing and me tryin 2 run for the position for mse welfare sec. I dont do well when speaking to an audience. period. I'll just say the most stupidest things ever. And i can never live it dwn. hah

i have to fix it sumhow.

ok thts all.. apparently the fart wasnt a doozy.

im slpy now.. nite.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Random thoughts

  • Give me some brandon boyd
  • I hope I get the creative design in communication and mktg GE. Tht would be fun
  • I should eat more
  • I want me some brandon boyd
  • I wanna be a rockstar still. Maybe I can convince my cuz to let me sing with the band. The only problem is tht i would be screaming since its a screamo band. Haha.
  • Nah I dont have the balls to do it.
  • I should start excercising
  • Brandon Boyd is yummy
  • I need to find a day to meet Zabo
  • I should have applied for the exchange programme. Nxt sem would be the only possible time to do it. After tht its attachment and my fyp. I could have been in aussie wif miss nadiah or maybe in germany or halfway ard the world sumwhere. I regret.
  • Maybe I can apply for the 2 mth summer programme stint. I hope they have it durin the nov hols. But then again thts like winter time. I should check.
  • I want to take up some classes frm pretty tuff when sch starts. Maybe salsa again. haha.EEe reminds me of tht u noe who.Axn man. Hmm maybe belly dance?exotic dance?
  • Shit. This post reminds me of nadz post. Eh miss i didnt mean to copycat ur format ah. I reallie didnt mean to. but i bet u will rub it in. typical. =p
  • I finally finished the bk u gave. to tell you the truth it was hard to read it at first coz of the title. If he really was what the title said tht wuld break my heart even more. Nws.. yah i think what u said was true. It will make someone more um tegas.But sometimes the probs presented in the book are like duh.Like isnt it obvious (insert title). And i love the way the book is written.very reader friendly. Thanx miss.
  • Ive been reading my Material science text on hip replacement. I dont know why.
  • Ive been hearing things.
  • Ive been reading my bros Men's Health magazine. interestg.
  • I read something that made me laugh hard and also made me angry at the same time.
  • I hated the dream. I loved the dream.
  • Wish i was as fit as my touch rugby + flrball days.
  • Port Dickson
  • I wonder how Frau Geiser celebrated when the Deutsch won.
  • Reading the newspaper is frustrating. Politics is effed up.
  • Kedong dong Aak uk eik nyah ket tot pi la shi tak tek tok auk.
  • Sik dah kah. ngak ngek tok.
  • I dont write like papit. he writes like me. Puhlease.
  • he proposed to me
  • HAHAHAHAHAH. Disclaimer: The line directly above is meant for dear ms nadiah. It has no truth watsoever .Unless 'he' refers to Mr Brandon boyd.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Sometimes its hard to keep the essence of one's self.


Today I felt like a red left eye mak nyah. Hhaha wth. Coz my voice was hoarse coz i sang too much yest and my eye was red due 2 expired lenses.

Hmm..Ive been thinking of what to do for the remaining holiday. I dont want it to go to waste like always. Im such a procrastinator. Geez.

And when school starts I intend to go for ALL or MOST of the tuts and lecture. I bet a few ppl wold be snickering at this statement. I have to. Last sem I could count the number of times i actually went for classes. I dont know what I was doing when im not in class. Prob in the dorm watchg tv,playing game,eatg,sleeping,shopping at nanyang mart haha!...wat else..oh ya playing with the cat or else i'd be out or i'd be in sch talkg crap and not go 4 classes. Its a wonder how I manage to do ok on my exams. Man I miss the hostel and the cat aka big boss/ lentok.


Sunday, July 02, 2006

Take me to ur leader

I cant stop singing Take me to Your leader. I love it. And I cant believe i didnt like it like 3yrs plus ago.

Anywhos.. went fishing and No fish were caught. Haha.

The significant part of the day was the um Health talk tht i was dragged to go along with my ma,my 3 aunts and my granmama. It was freaking funny. The talk was titled " stg stg Sakit Jantung" and "pencegahan dengue". Sheesh. was in a sml audi and was filled with makciks ah. So the first speaker was the dengue guy..then he spelt boleh as bolih. I laughed..
i was thinkg stupid guy .. then i turned to my mum to tell her... apparently BOLIH is correct?????
Since when?
Anyways.. in typical mum fashion when the speaker ended the talk and ask for qns she shot up her hand immediately.Thts my mum yeah. As i was sandwhich between my ma and my aunt I wondered how their teachers tahan them last time. One aunt was complaning the speaker so boring and ask whether if she closed her eyes he would see.haha. The other aunt complained y he pronunced fengshan as pengsan.Then the other aunt was like he dunno how to talk ah and etc etc. Then when the speaker asked for questions my aunt cracked a joke. Then later turned to me n said she need to crack the joke coz so boring the tok. WTH. Ahhhaha..My aunts are a funny bunch and i love them 2 death.

Thts pretty much wat happened today apart frm the constant singing of Take me to ur leader.

What if I was daydreaming?
What if I lived in a pear?
What if I had a mustard drenched cucumber tied to my leg
and I did not want my pants to get dirty?
What if this, what if that?!